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How does it work: click and drag the image on an empty space of your monitor and see what fate have chosen for you.

I’m an Angel of the Lord friend with Meg, enslaved by Lucifer and befriended by Dean Winchester.  Well, I’m Cas.

I’m an Angel of the Lord who’s friends with Bela, an ally of Lilith, and saved by Crowley. I am one shitty angel.

I am a God of the Old World who’s friends with Meg, the paramour of Lilith, and become the love interest to Crowley.

This is perfect it’s perfect I love the episodes of pagan gods, I love Meg, I really love Lilith and I also really love Crowley.

Lilith and Crowley fighting over me. :D

I choose Lilith

but after Sam kills Lilith, Crowley is there to support me.

I should write a fanfiction.

But which God would I be…?

I am a Goddess of the old world who is friends with Jo Harvelle.  I am an ally of Dick Roman and I was befriended by Dean Winchester.  

This  could actually work!  Jo was awesome.  allied with Dick though?   Ah well.  At least I get befriended by Dean.

Demon of the crossroads. Best friends with Gabriel. Ally of Azael, Saved by Sam Winchester.

I have no idea what this meme is about.



Joan’s “If we win by default one more time I’m gonna give away my Pyro unusual” giveaway!

this is fairly straightforward. so are the rules:

  • 1 like and 1 reblog allowed
  • do not have to be following me (but i’d like it if you were at least following the shitblog)

a winner will be selected on August 1st! good luck!

Hey kids, Mod Luigi here. I’m fulfilling a vow I made and am giving away an unusual. You’re all welcome to enter!









Get The Sims 2: Ultimate collection for FREE!!!!

Simply go to “Redeem product code” in Origin and enter: I-LOVE-THE-SIMS

It is for 1 week only, so hurry!

its downloading right now! Is it just the base game or the whole thing?

In case anyone is interested…

i just tried it and it’s legit. ultimate collection is sims 2 + ALL expansions + ALL stuff packs. get it while it’s hot!!

I just grabbed it guys, this isn’t fake. You’ve got today!

Yep, it works.

For anyone interested in playing The Sims 2.

I know a lot of people tend to prefer this to The Sims 3.

I’ve never played any Sims games. Guess it’s time to start!!

yep this works

Tested, Confirmed! :D

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